The whole production process made clear with Digital Twin


Day-to-day operations management is challenging because there are many factories and many variables to consider. Important information is not easily accessible and it takes a lot of time to organise and make sound decisions. We have often encountered situations where we know what is happening, but we don’t know why.


With the Genius Core™ platform, individual plants can be connected to a single platform. A complete view of the factory facilitates day-to-day operations management and makes new features immediately available to all factories. Easy-to-understand, visualised data provides an insight into the real-time situation in factories and what is happening next.

Key outcomes

Now you know not only the current situation, but the whole process and the reasons why something is happening or has happened. Accurate and easy-to-understand information takes day-to-day management to the next level in all factories. The platform can also be used for training, maintenance and forecasting, safety notifications and information transfer, and monitoring the production process.

All the information you need at one glance. One platform.

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