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3D modelling and training services

Services for sales organizations

Services for sales organizations

In the sales process, it is important to understand the customer’s needs and what you are selling.

With Process Genius Configurator, your customer data can be used to model calculations in a visual format, giving you a better idea of what you’re selling. It makes sense to make any necessary corrections at the design stage.

Once the solution is outlined, the configurator can be used to sketch out different scenarios for the customer and ensure that the end result is the desired one. With the Process Genius Configurator, you can improve the quality of your sales process and increase customer satisfaction.

You can save 2-4 days of working time in each sales process!

Work with your customers to build even the most complex solution in no time with configuration. The modelled outcome is immediately available for all parties to see.

Digital twin guides you to make a solution that eliminates errors and impossible configurations.

Your sales staff will all be top professionals who can deliver successful solutions to customers. The solution prevents the formation of non-possible combinations of solutions.

The browser-based configurator also allows the customer to model the product of their choice. You can now receive requests for quotes without spending any working time.

We also offer a dynamic sales platform that allows your staff to present the perfect combination of solutions, for example in a factory environment.

VR training services

VR training services

Virtual environments offer a lot of possibilities

In virtual situations, the user can apply and learn things in practice, which deepens the learning experience. Virtual environments allow you to train anywhere, anytime, and are proven to be as high-quality and effective as traditional training.

A virtually implemented environment is accurate and safe, and therefore can also be utilized in educational situations where the real environment is dangerous or otherwise makes training impossible to implement. Learning is reinforced by providing the opportunity to practice through gamification.

VR training can be carried out even for a large number of participants.

We collaborate with Airport College International Oy, a provider of global online courses.

Discover our solution: virtual reality ULD Training Demonstration

Modelling services with Configurator

Modelling services with Configurator

Our configurator allows you to quickly model a 3D solution that matches the physical model in collaboration with your customer.

No need to send images and data back and forth several times, the Configurator can do the same job in a couple of hours. After Savorak Oy implemented a dock solution modeled with the Process Genius configurator, their process has gotten significantly faster. The modelling services are suited for all industries.

Other modelling services

Other modelling services

What if you could model buildings on lots and layouts for production?

Development of the Eteläportti virtual platform is a project managed by Business Jyväskylä, the business services unit of the City of Jyväskylä, and funded by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Central Finland, the City of Jyväskylä and the Municipality of Muurame. The implementation and further development of the platform is handled by Process Genius Oy.

The virtual model is embedded in a map, displaying the plot shapes, location data, zoning regulations and, for example, any earthmoving work required before construction begins. The design tools can be used to model the buildings in their actual size, providing a good idea of how any building would fit into the plot. Transport connections can also be assessed.

The virtual platform is an online and mobile service open to everyone, where you can see the available plots, plot sizes and plot owners in the Eteläportti area of Jyväskylä. The app has been developed especially for companies planning a project or for business partners interested in testing different possibilities for their own construction project. The design tools allow visitors to model, for example, different buildings to be placed on plots of land.

The Eteläportti virtual platform also enables, for example, the layout planning of production facilities. Users can estimate how much space a production facility needs. The model will include other data control tools in the future. Users will be able to include items such as a production resource, for example the capacity of a painting unit, which other local actors can reserve. In this way they can avoid setting up their own painting unit, while optimizing the use of an existing resource.

In future, the virtual platform will also use data to enable the creation of new products and service concepts. For example, it is possible to share measurement data collected from a property with different actors. Actors may also select only a certain part of a project that they want to share, and develop it alongside selected actors or, perhaps, customers.

Creating different types of mock-ups, pilots or prototypes in a virtual environment allows multiple actors to be involved in the design process. This reduces the challenges of communication or miscommunication by allowing the virtual environment to model the envisaged developments.

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