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We exist for industrial superheroes

Process Genius was born out of the pure practical needs CEO and founder Jani Akkila saw in his work with factories and facilities all around the world. He saw industrial managers trying to cope with a barrage of data from different systems. It made him realize you would have to be a genius to deal with the massive amounts of overwhelming “digital noise” in factory data, and turn information into actions.

Process Genius is named after these heroes, who are responsible for solving challenges that come with making sense of thousands of daily data points, systems, and inputs within industrial environments. Headquartered in Joensuu, Finland, the company has been supercharging the genius of industrial heroes since 2012, giving them the situational awareness they need to make confident decisions every day.

Over the years, our company has developed a fully configurable digital twin platform designed to monitor and collect fragmented real-time data from machinery and systems in one place, and visualize it so industrial managers can find relevant information in a never-ending stream of data.

In an age where it might seem AI and massive data are taking over industrial production processes, Process Genius continues to advance technology that puts humans back in control of a company’s success. The dedicated team and its products provide a new level of control in industrial environments using advanced visualization techniques. This is too provide a single interface where industrial heroes can get the insights they need to make confident decisions, every day.


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Confidence through control

The processing of the data overflow described above for genuine human use is crystallized in our slogan, “Confidence through control”. In this age of digitalization, automation and robotics, we should put people back at the center. After all, regardless of how smart and data-rich our systems are, in the end, we are still the ones responsible for what happens. Industrial activity must also take responsibility for the environment and climate change, and the best way to manage responsibility is to transparently bring related issues in front of people’s eyes in our organizations.

Experience and robust clientele combined with a growing and developing organization create the opportunity to remain a pioneer of this development in the future as well. It is important to understand that often new, fancy-sounding technologies or equipment cannot work on their own, instead requiring the ability to link the various data to a virtual copy of the real world, a digital twin. Since before the term Digital Twin came about, our vision was to enable the virtual experience and tracking of factories.

Accordingly, we have experimented with utilizing AR/VR/XR equipment alongside our product. Today, with computing power increasing, the prices of technology falling and software evolving, we’re getting ever closer to the Metaverse. The next leap that naturally follows, especially in multi-location industry, is the Omniverse. Relative to the current size of our company, we constantly invest substantial sums in product development and make sure, with a passionate approach to our craft, that when Gartner launches a term for the next step, we’ve already implemented that next step.

Jani Akkila, CEO, Process Genius

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