Why partner with Process Genius?

We help you manage your production data-driven at all stages

We have extensive expertize in delivering digital solutions for business. We have experience in a wide range of business areas, where we have pioneered the use of our 3D Digital Twin expertize for over 10 years, often responding to our clients’ real-time reporting and production situational awareness challenges. Naturally, we also have strong expertize and experience in secure data retrieval from production devices (OPC-UA), up to traditional data sources (such as SAP, ERP, Snowflake), not forgetting data processing needs in closed and highly secured environments.

Our approach

Working together to create the best possible solutions with data

Get started with a Genius Day™ workshop

The best way to define the goal state, identify development needs and plan for knowledge management is to take advantage of our Genius Day™ workshop. Genius Day™ puts all our expertize at your fingertips, providing you with a clear roadmap to tackle the challenges you have set for the workshop. This will get you up and running efficiently without wasting your core resources and time unnecessarily.

We also supply and install sensors if required

Our Professional Services team can also supply stand-alone sensors for sites where the desired information is not otherwise available. Most commonly, separate sensors are used to retrieve information on power consumption, humidity, temperature and vibration.

Comprehensive turnkey solutions for data management and analytics

We will help you from identifying challenges and defining the necessary tracking values, to solving technical implementations, to the role-based visualization of the final view. Together, our Professional Services and Genius Core™ SaaS services provide your business with a turnkey solution that includes not only a complete data management package, but also analytics and data processing to meet your needs.

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More than 60 customers are already using our 3D Digital Twin solution

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