Digital Twin facilitates factory self-monitoring


Maintaining accuracy in self-monitoring is essential to preventing the sale of faulty products. Different lines are watched, and various products have different requirements, such as set points, cooling times, and ripening temperatures. The current cook is in charge of making sure that the timing and temperatures are correct. As a result, human error is common and often results in significant waste. The interruption of the product manufacturing process due to the next line being reserved or other deviations can result in production inefficiency and significant financial costs.


The Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform presents a comprehensive view of factory operations and data on the specific conditions of each machine. As part of the visual representation, the newly introduced features in the 24/7 real-world simulation include the temperature and sanitation zones within the production facilities. The monitoring of the manufacturing process allows for the reduction of losses and production interruptions.


Daily life has become significantly easier thanks to the ability to continuously monitor production in real-time. Monitoring of guide temperatures has been made easier by the platform’s integration with the factory’s self-monitoring. It is possible to perform quality control by using color coding, and a single-screen display makes it easier to spot any differences in conditions. As a result of being able to quickly react to any changes and easily view the previous and following stages of each process line, the company no longer experiences any production downtime issues.

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