Digital Twin enables more accurate monitoring and reliable data visualisation


There is a strong correlation between production processes and cost savings. However, neither of these can be influenced without knowing the overall picture of the plant or the line. The ability to influence all these areas is important for the operation of the plant. The challenge is to find a service provider to enable this in real time.


The 3D Digital Twin provides a complete view of the factory, effortlessly available 24/7 in real time. The platform collects data from existing equipment and systems, and does not require a renewal of the monitoring system or other new system acquisitions. The visual view enables a quick response to production deviations and cost savings.

Key outcomes

With more accurate monitoring and reliable data, production process improvements and cost savings can be achieved. The 24/7 visual data was connected to an internal info-tv system and now all staff have access to essential information about production. The improvement has been considerable.

All the information you need at one glance. One platform.

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