All the data you need at a glance


There are dozens, if not hundreds, of systems and programs in one factory. When talking about a group, there are hundreds of production plants and factories and an unimaginable amount of data. Safety notifications, work efficiency, overall machine capacity and maintenance, documentation, production conditions and other day-to-day operations management are just a fraction of the issues that need to be considered on a daily basis on a plant-by-plant basis. To manage all of these things, you need a big picture, which you can’t get from data alone.


With the Genius Core™ platform, there is no need to deploy any new systems. The platform imports data from existing devices and machines. Data is fed into the platform, where it is visible in real time 24/7. The platform is a model of a real-world factory and it is possible to connect several factories to one platform.

Key outcomes

Day-to-day management, documentation and activity forecasting have been made much easier thanks to the Genius Core™ platform. The essential activities of the factory and the factory environment are visible at a glance and navigating between multiple factories is no longer a problem. The big picture saves up to 50,000 minutes of working time per day and takes five minutes instead of a week to document safety alerts.

All the information you need at one glance. One platform.

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