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3D Digital Twin SaaS platform is developed for industrial environments

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For more than 10 years, Process Genius has been solving challenges with the biggest players in the manufacturing and process industries and has developed the industry-specific 3D Digital Twin platform to enhance the interaction between people and data. We wanted to focus on building a rapidly deployable, cost-effective and configurable digital twin specifically for industrial needs – rather than delivering mid-range digital twin solutions tailored to the different needs of different industries.

With our Genius Core™ platform, production managers can access an intuitive platform that makes it easier to streamline production, anticipate problems and get a real-time overview of the production situation anytime, anywhere.

No one knows your factory better than you do

Easily configure the look and feel to match your production needs and goals

1. Add your own factory template

1. Add your own factory template

2. Connect your IoT data to the platform

2. Connect your IoT data to the platform

3. Customize the reports and dashboards to your liking

3. Customize the reports and dashboards to your liking


Key features of the Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin

Planning, monitoring and improving production efficiency

With Genius Core™ dashboards and reports, you can track key metrics, identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions that directly impact the success of your goals.

Production monitoring
Machinery utilization rate
Detecting bottlenecks
24/7 situational awareness

Predictive maintenance

The platform minimizes the time needed for maintenance shutdowns, their planning and production stoppages. You can forget about ticketing, as the information you need to plan maintenance visits, such as work permits, is available in real time on the platform.

Accident and deviations data
Machine deviation reports
Preventive maintenance and maintenance scheduling
Maintenance notifications
Maintenance instructions available immediately

Safety and security

See a holistic security snapshot from a single view. Real-time reporting of safety findings will help you understand the incidents that have occurred in your factory so that they can be effectively prevented in the future.

Reporting of near misses
Safety view, where the plant’s fire extinguisher locations, emergency exits, eye wash points, etc. are located.

Quality control

The Genius Core™ platform will notify you immediately of any deviations in production. The digital dashboard makes it easier to monitor quality. You are informed about current and past conditions. In the event of a complaint, you can view the circumstances and anomalies at the time of the incident afterwards.

User-defined points in factory areas and equipment to which you can link documents, work instructions, lists of tools and other documentation on what each point should have to facilitate audits
Monitoring of environmental data such as air temperature, humidity and temperature


With the 3D Digital Twin platform, you can visualize and thus make visible a variety of sustainability indicators. You can make use of the data for audits, for example.

Real-time monitoring of water and electricity consumption


Combine data from different databases in one view

Don’t let multiple systems and data noise stop you from realising the full potential of your business.

Our platform allows you to integrate the tools that you and your employees use for day-to-day management. This allows you to create a seamless and efficient workflow that maximizes productivity and makes day-to-day management easier by creating a clear, reliable overview of the key monitoring points of your production, anywhere, anytime.

Want to learn more about integration opportunities and our platform technology? Send us a message and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


The Genius OPC-UA software module and our Beckhoff Gateway solutions ensure effortless integration into factory systems by enabling real-time data access as part of a service package.

If OPC UA connectivity is not available, we use industrial wireless sensors to measure various parameters. This provides our customers with information on the desired parameters, such as machine utilization and power consumption, temperatures and ambient humidity.

ERP, OEE, MES, EAM, SCADA and database integrations

Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin can integrate data from popular ERP systems as well as OEE, MES and SCADA software. In addition, our platform can connect to various environmental sensors, device sensors and third-party systems such as factory, material, document management and manufacturing systems.

Azure AD

Genius Core™’s Azure AD integration enables seamless access management for you and your team. With integration, you can streamline user authentication and authorisation processes and ensure better security and efficiency. Azure AD integration allows you to manage users centrally, making it easy to log users in and manage their identity.

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