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You have to be a genius to deal with the massive amounts of “data noise” in factory data today, and be able to turn it into actionable information. Process Genius is named after these heroes, who are responsible for solving challenges, relying on the sometimes overwhelming sea of industrial inputs and systems.

Process Genius helps you to get the situational awareness you need to make confident decisions. Our experience has been built up in close cooperation with leading companies in the manufacturing and process industries, using our 3D Digital Twin expertise for more than 10 years.


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Industrial digital twin excellence

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Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin – Factory in your pocket

All the data you need at one glance
No more new systems
Savings up to a million euros with a digital twin

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Professional services

Not only do we help with technical issues, we also maximise the performance of your solution
We’ll fine-tune your solution including 3D models, ensuring seamless integration with other systems. As your operational needs evolve, so will your digital twin.

Why the biggest in industry choose us

Lead with confidence and data-driven decisions

We save 50 000 minutes every day

Managing day-to-day operations of your factory is a challenging job, and the tools used in it shouldn’t make it harder. With our platform, you can quickly see the information that matters most for your role in one easy-to-use platform.

We reduce waste and equipment downtime

Don’t let production downtime, quality issues, energy consumption and emissions, and wasted materials come to you as a surpise. With our 3D Digital Twin platform, you can instantly see bottlenecks in your production and what’s wasting your resources. With real-time data, you can react quickly to issues in your productions, reduce waste, and improve your processes.

Safety notifications from one week to five minutes

Safety and security shouldn’t be a matter of long waiting times to figure out what happened or avoiding accidents out of pure luck. Our digital twin allows you and your workers to receive accurate, real-time safety alerts and views so you can monitor and act quickly on accidents, near misses, and other safety concerns. Prevent accidents and ensure the safety of workers, suppliers and customers in your factory.

Up to 30% improvement in production efficiency

Dealing with the overwhelming amount of data noise from various industrial systems and inputs shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence for you. Monitor and make decisions with confidence based on complete situational awareness anywhere, anytime.

Efficiency across different industries

Customer stories


Konecranes Smart Factory is a digital twin that takes daily management processes to a new level.

Stora Enso

Thanks to mill digital twins, the daily ERP of factories has been taken to a new level.


Data visualisation enables cost savings and real-time monitoring of production processes at Snellman.

All the information you need at one glance. One platform.

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