Why to partner with Process Genius?

Offer even more value to your industrial customers with the best 3D Digital Twin in the markets

For more than 10 years, Process Genius has been solving the challenges of making production more efficient with the biggest players in the industry, developing the industry-focused Digital Twin platform to enhance the interaction between people and data.

In particular, we offer White Label partnership options that allow our partners to fully brand our 3D Digital Twin technology and expand their service offerings.

Collaborating with Process Genius is beneficial if you:

see the digital twin as an enabler to grow your business and bring value to your customers
want to expand your company’s service offering with a digital twin
want to ensure the success of your business by providing added value to your customers together with a SaaS service partner

Powered by Process Genius

Some of our partners

Konecranes Smart Factory

Konecranes Smart Factory

Your dedicated technology partner

Process Genius’ comprehensive 3D Digital Twin solutions and expertise at your service

Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform

Our Genius Core™ platform is a 3D Digital Twin, developed specifically for professionals in the manufacturing, food and process industries, that captures and visualizes all the data from your customer’s factory environment and systems in one real-time view. Perfectly suited as a data visualization partner for ERP, MES, OEE, EAM and SCADA softwares.

Expertise and support

Our experts are ready to give you the support you need throughout the partnership. Our strong expertise in industrial needs and digital solutions, combined with long-term support and guidance, will enable your business to fully exploit the opportunities offered by 3D Digital Twin.

A partner for innovation and growth

We constantly invest in research and development of new technologies. This will also give our partners access to the latest advances in 3D digital twin technology, driving innovation and growth.

Interested in partnering with Process Genius?

If you are interested in a White Label partnership with us, or would like to know more about us and the different ways to work with us, please contact us today – we are happy to help!

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