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Key features of Smart Building 3D Digital Twin for smarter building management

Occupancy and cleaning

You can increase the effectiveness of your cleaning routine by utilizing our new needs-based cleaning feature. A predetermined level of cleaning will be provided, with no needless extra cleaning. Our Smart Building solution’s space reservation mechanism ensures that areas will be temporarily unavailable for booking during cleaning and promptly reopen for reservations. When cleaning is necessary for resources like storage lockers, you can report it using our demand-based cleaning solution. Our pilot showed that cleaning costs dropped by 10–20% over the course of the monitoring period.

In addition, our solution has a feature that lets the cleaner independently confirm the cleaning status within the system and view the daily cleaning requirements based on job roles for the cleaning service provider.

Safety and security

To enable a safe working and business environment, it is important that safety observations, notifications, access control and incidents are reported in real time and at the right location. With our Digital Twin platform, you’ll have instant access to all security-related findings and can react to security threats in a timely manner. The platform quickly shows you where accidents are happening. You can also use the visual view to easily visualize up-to-date safety plan and emergency escape routes.

Arrival instructions visualized

Staff and visitor satisfaction starts even before they arrive at your facilities. Visual approach maps with bus stops, parking spaces and routes to them ensure a smooth arrival. We’re also developing features that will become a necessity in the future, like reservations for parking and electric car charging.


The visual presentation of information is useful in many other contexts, such as maintenance management. With preventive maintenance and up-to-date servicing, you can avoid sudden equipment and system breakdowns and the associated knock-on effects. This can lead to significant savings in corrective maintenance.

Energy efficiency

With our 3D Digital Twin platform, you can visualize various sustainability indicators, such as energy and water consumption, material efficiency and waste counters, as well as environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.).

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“We used digitalization to support the transition to teleworking for Elisa employees and collected measurement data on the use of different offices and different facilities from the beginning of the pandemic. Using this information, we published the safe workplaces and how to book them in Reittiopas.”

Ari Saarinen, Facilities Manager, Elisa

Elisa Reittiopas Smart Building solution

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