Improving machine utilisation rates with Digital Twin


Lots of papers, spreadsheets and poor understanding of key performance drivers. The overall picture of the production line was not known and uncontrolled production stoppages had a negative impact. No real-time data was available to implement corrective measures and monitor their effectiveness.


The Genius Core™ platform enabled the customer to design OEE meters for their entire production facility. The customer now has access to the entire factory in a convenient 3D modelling view, showing all production machines and equipment, as well as OEE metrics for each machine and for the entire production.

Key outcomes

As a result, the customer increased machine utilisation by up to 30%. Key performance losses were quantified and energy consumption was reduced by 10%. The number of large material losses was reduced, which has helped save thousands of euros every month. In addition, the customer saved 30-35% of time on daily production tasks, including maintenance and repair tasks, thanks to the features of the Genius Core™ platform.

All the information you need at one glance. One platform.

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