Making quality, environment and safety visible with Digital Twin


The field of business is becoming increasingly competitive and projects need to be taken on board on a large scale. This means several production steps and a lot of data in different systems. In busy times, quality and schedule promises are challenging to keep, as it is difficult for factory managers and salespeople alike to see the big picture of production and the factory.


With the Genius Core™ platform, you can visually see the whole picture of the factory and its production 24/7. Data is imported from existing equipment and systems and visually organised into a model that corresponds to a real-world factory. At a glance, the platform shows, for example, machine utilisation rates, conditions in the production environment and thus quality deviations that can be avoided.

Key outcomes

Factory managers, staff and salespeople are always aware of what’s happening in the factory. Potential customers will be able to see the production facilities through modelling. The modelling shows how quality, environmental and safety issues are handled in the factory. There is no longer uncertainty about production loads and orders, and vendors know when it is possible to take a new customer’s order into production. It is easier to meet customer quality requirements when the overall picture and documentation of the factory is clear. The platform gives a modern, high-quality look and feel. New orders have increased by 15%.

All the information you need at one glance. One platform.

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