Digital Twin remote guidance saves time


There are many factories and it takes a lot of time to introduce new people to the sites. Whether it’s an inspector, a new employee or an equipment repairer, it’s very possible that the person has never been on the factory floor before. In a maze of factories, a lot of time can be spent searching for the right item or piece of equipment. Even after familiarisation, the spaces may be unclear and not memorised at once, in which case the tour has to be repeated.


With the Genius Core™ platform, it is possible to see real-world factory modelling. Guidance from the platform can be provided before you enter the factory and, if you don’t know where you are, there is no need to navigate. The platform clearly shows where each machine is located and the location of the target can be checked again from any device on the platform.

Key outcomes

Time has been saved significantly thanks to distance learning. Guide rounds do not need to be done nearly as often and the platform is clear to display all the information you need. In addition to the location of the machines, the platform shows safety and recycling points, as well as items that need special attention, such as a broken handrail. Guidance is now much easier and getting around the factory is safer.

All the information you need at one glance. One platform.

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