Industry 4.0 and digital twin’s place in it

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In a rapidly and constantly evolving technological landscape, Industry 4.0 is a far-reaching concept that is poised to change the way manufacturing industries operate and relate to each other. It represents the interconnection of digital and physical systems through new technologies to enhance business operations, digitalisation and collaboration. At the heart of this transformative movement is the concept of the digital twin – a virtual replica of physical assets or processes that offers huge opportunities to optimise productivity, reduce waste and costs, and give businesses more scope for innovation than ever before.

This whitepaper presents key technologies for Industry 4.0 and the Digital Twin, including:

Key applications and systems related to Industry 4.0
Definition and market size of the digital twin
The difference between the digital twin and other industrial systems such as ERP, MES, EAM software
The future of the digital twin and industry 5.0

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