Organised inventory management with Digital Twin


Large storage facilities are difficult to keep track of. Time is wasted going through boxes, pallets and their contents. Pallets are often moved from one place to another, leading to additional orders when it is not known whether the necessary tools and materials are still available. Later, the materials needed are found in another location and are no longer needed or are outdated.


With Process Genius 3D Digital Twin, a real-world model of the warehouse space is created, allowing you to see everything in the warehouse at a glance. Changes and additions can be easily made to the inventory map. In the warehouse displayed in the interface, pallets can be dragged to the desired location on the screen.

Key outcomes

The inventory management tool allows you to visualise the inventory map, shelves and, for example, storage trays and their contents on any device. Time is saved significantly by not having to go to the site to check the contents of the storage shelves.As the contents change, an image of the pallet is taken and uploaded to the user interface. The content can be entered with the additional information desired and the necessary search terms, such as shelf number, project name or subject headings. Using the search terms, the required information can be found within seconds.

All the information you need at one glance. One platform.

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