How can staff and visitor comfort be improved on the premises?

With the help of the route guide, you can manage your premises and book meeting rooms in the context of the 3D model. The necessary distances and safety distances are easier to ensure, for example in the event of a pandemic. Elisa has made long-term development work in holistic work environment management, and the Routtiopas, edited by Process Genius, was awarded in the Rákli Work Environment Contest, the theme of which was meeting the challenges of the interest rate pandemic.

The Process Genius development team, led by Project Manager Matias Virra , wants to ensure that the customer’s application follows its time as well as possible and provides real added value in everyday life. The workshop discussed sustainability and safety issues. It was also considered whether there could be added value in sharing the location of staff. “In this case, the application would show at a glance whether there are colleagues from another location at a particular office on the same day,” says Virta.

Senior Softare Developer Kaisa Lehikoinen has been part of the development team for just under a year. He says it’s great to be involved in developing something that you would like to use yourself.

Antton Hyvärinen, who is responsible for the UI/UX design of the application, is in charge of the application’s layout and usability. According to him, the best part of developing Elisa’s Travel Guide has been brainstorming together and following how the application lives and develops better all the time. “When I started working with Elishans more than 6 years ago, I was still an intern at PG. You could almost say that my own professional development is strongly linked to the development of this application,” says Hyvärinen.

Antton Hyvärinen

“It was a nice culmination of years of cooperation to meet face to face with Elisa’s Route Guide steering group. At the same time, the premises that are shown as 3D models in the service have become tangible as physical spaces for the first time,” Hyvärinen sums up.

After a long remote development period, the team and clients were happy with the face-to-face meeting and the shared vision was clarified a little more.

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