Reflecting on security threats – anticipation is now key

Jarno Limnélli’s remarks on the current security situation sparked a discussion at the Technology Event organised by Process Genius in Tampere. The Aalto University professor of cybersecurity in working life highlighted that security is a state of being that is achieved through doing. According to him, the company’s management should also consider the basics of cybersecurity and have a plan for what to do if things don’t go as they should.

The current security situation, which in the worst case could escalate very quickly, also attracted a lot of interest. According to Limnéll, the situation is very uncertain.

Data security issues are also taken seriously at Process Genius

Some staff are currently undergoing training in cybersecurity and the most important issues are being taken into account at a practical level.

The event looked to the future, with Technology Director Matti Ilvonen (pictured right) and Product Director Henri Parkkonen presenting the product development themes for the coming years.

Customers also play an important role in product development. In a survey of manufacturing customers, the most important features that emerged were real-time machine monitoring and utilization ratio monitoring. Customers have been listened to and the next version of the product will invest in these features so that it is genuinely easy for the user to get a 24/7 overview and situational awareness.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event!

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