How PG products look & “feel” is the responsibility of our UI/UX team

Together with end users, the team defines use cases to provide the best user interface implementation and experience. The team starts designing by defining use cases; in this mysterious process, they brainstorm, draw and sketch the UI wireframe.

“We will implement an interactive prototype and finally test it on a user group basis. And all this magic is done before a single line of code has been written. With testing (and a couple of exorcisms), the design is refined and passed on to the code wizards to be implemented, voila! In addition to these miracles, we do a lot of visualisations from 3D modelling to animations – in-house”, summarises the team leader, Director of Project management & User experience Mikko Myyry. In addition to Mikko, the team includes UI/UX Designers Antton Hyvärinen and Kuisma Myller, Technical Artist Harri Pietiläinen, Senior 3D Artist Niko Rummukainen and Lead Gamification Developer Kimmo Leppänen.

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