Sustainable development calls for more advanced digitalization

Time to move from non-essential matters to sustainable development of the planet

There is a real need for change. The Earth’s carrying capacity is stretched to the limit and humanity is in trouble without concrete solutions. We can be part of the real change, which is not solved by new social applications. We need to focus our attention on applications, goods and parts that are really needed. Logistics and mobility can also be made more environmentally friendly.

A new era, instead of techno hype, is beginning. The real economy and the development of technologies to meet demand are part of the big solution. Process Genius has started exporting abroad and we have become a global company. In recognition of this, we recently received the Kauppalehti’s Growth Certificate (Software Architect Teemu Karppinen on the right).

Most recently, our technology services and related professional services and service solutions were awarded ISO 9001 certification (CEO Jani Akkila on the left). Proud of this recognition, we will continue our sustainable growth and world conquest.

For information, please contact CEO Jani Akkila +358 40 036 2024

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