Process Genius will be on stage at XR EXPO in Stuttgart 15-16 June 2023

For Process Genius, XR EXPO offers the perfect opportunity for networking. Valtteri Tanninen, our Business Development Manager, will showcase how the digital twin can save significant time and energy in a factory environment.

Exhibitors at XR EXPO 2023 will represent the cutting edge of XR innovation, pushing the boundaries of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). 50 exhibitors have signed up and a large number of participants are expected.

The event aims to be a meeting point for industry customers, technology providers, content providers and XR researchers.

Significant benefits in improving security with the 3D digital twin

According to the International Work Organization (ILO), there are 340 accidents at work every year and up to 160 million victims of work-related illness.

“The digital twin offers significant benefits in improving security – you can see all work permits and their locations at a glance. In addition, all security alerts related to a machine line, a department or, in some cases, the entire factory site are visible for a selected period of time,” says Tanninen.

The overall view provided by the digital twin also makes it possible to see the number of maintenance events for a selected period in some places. “No other separate systems are needed,” says Tanninen.

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