Process Genius at the world’s leading industrial fair in Hannover

Process Genius will be exhibiting at the Business Finland joint stand with five other Finnish companies. The highlight of the fair will be the launch of the new Genius Core™ platform, where all the data from a factory or plant can be seen at a glance.

The themes of the fair is digitalization and automation of complex production processes, and a hot topic in Germany, the use of hydrogen.

A factory in your pocket – real-time visibility for quality management

The Genius Core™ platform is a factory in your pocket. It collects and visualizes information on existing or new equipment and systems. Real-time situational awareness enables better quality management and more efficient production.

Visualizing processes and production also enables more sustainable production. The topic is also of interest to the general public, and Business Development Manager Valtteri Tanninen will take to the stage on Thursday 20 April to demonstrate the potential of 3D Digital Twin for sustainable manufacturing.

The presentation will cover topics such as how to optimize energy consumption, reduce emissions and material waste, or ensure proactive maintenance. The digital twin is of major importance in sustainable manufacturing, and the presentation will also explore these points further.

Genius Core™ allows companies to visualize their processes and production, which will also increase and accelerate the spread of advanced waste management facilities worldwide. Process Genius is working with renewable energy companies in Switzerland, among others. More than 60 factories in Europe are using 3D Digital Twin solutions in various industries.

We would be happy to discuss with you how you can take your daily management processes to the next level. See you in hall 12, stand 048. You can also email Valtteri directly.

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