Process Genius Oy investing almost three million euros in expansion and the launch of operations in Central Europe

Process Genius has started developing a new technology platform. Genius Core™ is a new version of the 3D digital twin already in use in around 60 companies, and it will be launched on the platform by the end of the year. It collects data that already exists in the company in an easy-to-understand format and creates a real-time snapshot of the company’s overall situation, enabling, for example, better management and more efficient production.

With the new platform, the company’s way of working will shift from customization to configuration. This enables both stronger scaling through the partner and more profitable growth opportunities for the partner’s business.

As the company develops, it will need more people and recruitment will start in the spring. “Part of our best in-house expertise will be transferred to the product development team, and the new recruits will complement both the new development team as well as filling vacancies created by the restructuring of our other teams,” explains Chief Technology Officer Matti Ilvonen.

Process Genius’ “factory in your pocket” is already revolutionizing work for tens of thousands of people

Process Genius’ solution will help process industry companies to refine their data into an easily accessible and understandable form, creating factory-specific savings of up to a million euros annually, says CEO Jani Akkila. The factory digital twin helps to quickly pinpoint incident locations, such as the sites of security alerts. Stora Enso makes wide-ranging use of the Genius Core software’s visual presentation of information for management of maintenance, including proactive maintenance and production line performance management.

n addition to product development, Process Genius’ internationalization is also gaining new momentum with the investment. The funding consists of the company’s own funding, support from the owners, and a product development loan of approximately 2 M€ from Business Finland.

Process Genius’ “factory in your pocket” is already revolutionizing work for tens of thousands of people

This significant investment enables Process Genius to expand into Central Europe. In May 2023, Process Genius will establish a subsidiary in Germany, Process Genius GmbH. Building a network of partners in North America and Asia is also part of the plans for the coming years, says Akkila.

Process Genius Oy:

  • Turnover for the financial year ending soon approx. 2,1 M€
  • Staff 34
  • Stable and profitable growth
  • The investment will enable a significant increase in growth rates
  • Headquarters in Joensuu, Eastern Finland. Personnel all over Finland and a new office opening in May 2023 in Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany.

Further information: CEO Jani Akkila,, tel. 0400 362 024

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