Elisa PLC optimizes the use of its properties and business premises with Process Genius’ digital twin

With the digital twin, staff and visitor satisfaction can be brought to the highest possible level. Premises information, available work and parking spaces are visible in real time.

Staff and visitor satisfaction starts before they even arrive at the property. The app enables a smooth arrival by providing visual approach maps, free bus stops, free parking spaces and routes to them. With our application, you can manage the operating conditions and maintenance of one or more properties.

Elisa PLC wins award for comprehensive leadership on working environments – Application provided by Process Genius

The theme of this year’s working environment deed competition was the responding to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. The winner was Elisa PLC, thanks to their long-term work on the development of comprehensive working environment leadership. During 2020, the change in physical and digital working environments had to be scaled throughout Finland by developing virtual working environments.

Process Genius provided Elisa with the digital Reittiopas application.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Elisa founded two teams to work on COVID measures. The smaller team handled critical measures such as protective equipment, and the larger team maintained a snapshot of various functions. Even before the pandemic, the organization was using, among other things, an application for space reservations and sensors to calculate the utilization rate of premises. The use of these features was expanded, utilizing the data from the sensors, for example, to scale lunch service and target cleaning.

“Even prior to the pandemic, Elisa had extensive experience of flexible multi-location work. With the transition to remote work, Elisa quickly expanded the use of tools like sensors and the workstation reservation system to different properties, enabling safe work in the office. These digital solutions, combined with good leadership, make up an exemplary working environment deed,” says Kristiina Borg, chair of the jury.

“We supported our people in the transition to remote work with digitalization and gathered analytic data on the utilization of different properties and spaces right from the beginning of the pandemic. sing this data, we publicized safe workstations and the chance to reserve them in Reittiopas”, says Ari Saarinen, Corporate Real Estate Management Director at Elisa.

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