Process Genius – Quality management and development with ISO9001:2015 certification

In 2022, Process Genius received ISO9001:2015 quality certification. “The implementation clarified our processes and helps us to better understand our customers,” says Janne Pekkala, Quality, Process and Research Director at Process Genius, who was interviewed for this article.

The external audit was carried out by Bureau Veritas, which confirmed the passage of this 2023 audit with flying colours. An annual audit is performed by an external auditor to acquire and sustain the certificate.

The indicators defined by the certificate measure the most important operational processes for management

ISO9001 certification is designed to guarantee the quality of a company’s processes and management. The certificate is commonly used by industrial companies, but according to Janne Pekkala, the software company Process Genius is seeking deeper trust and understanding of its customers and clarity in its processes.

Process Genius has developed a quality manual that meets the international standards required for certification. The company is wholeheartedly devoted to following the manual, and the management team is setting an exemplary precedent for the processes. The Quality Manual covers several aspects and operational processes that are important for the management of a company, such as recording data types, communication between customers and the company, product development, dealing with complaints and improving operations. All these areas and their quality are measured using indicators and tools defined by the certificate.

Sound documentation and processes strengthen customer confidence

On a day-to-day level, the certificate is particularly visible in terms of documentation, which is essential for obtaining and maintaining the certificate. Production processes and all their descriptions are documented and visible to employees. Commitment to and adherence to processes is important to ensure consistent quality. The certificate is also reflected in the company’s operations at a general level in terms of reliability. It is easier for customers to trust a company when they know the processes behind it and how things are done.

Every year, internal audits are carried out to examine every procedure and promote continuous improvement.
Janne Pekkala

Efforts are made to inform customers about the quality certificate to increase reliability. “There is a clear change from five years ago. Customers have noticed it in terms of better practices, higher-quality products, and better overall experiences. If you develop things in the right way, it’s better to develop a little bit all the time than a lot but only once,” Pekkala comments.

Certification clarifies future goals for the new Genius Core™ 3D Digital Twin platform  

The impact of the ISO9001 certification on the product is reflected in the harmonization of the operating style, the clear description of the Genius Core™ platform and the clear ambitions for the future. Risk analysis is a key tool for development, enabling risks to be anticipated and managed. The certification has a significant impact on the functionality and quality of the platform and helps to ensure that the product development process works properly.

Quality objectives ensure a 3D Digital Twin platform that meets real customer needs 

Each business unit has its own quality objectives. The quality objectives ensure that things are moving in the right direction within the timeframe set. In addition to the objectives, the processes and product are developed in a customer-oriented way by continuously collecting information on the product’s performance directly from the field. “In the event of an unusual situation, for example, the platform is not working, the issue is examined and a root cause analysis is carried out, on the basis of which the process is modified,” says Pekkala.

However, Process Genius believes that the true measure of quality is a product that meets the real needs of its customers. Genuine added value in the daily life of companies also ensures satisfied customers, which is at the heart of their business.

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