Konecranes Machine Tool Service and its technology partner Process Genius Oy have joined forces

The application has produced revolutionary results in operational use:

  • Productivity increased by 30%
  • Wasted hours have dropped by up to 80%
  • Significant savings in electricity consumption; typically 3-25kW of unnecessary power consumption per machine/appliance during off-shift hours. At best, large factories have achieved annual savings in the megawatt class, when there are +50 machines in the measurement.
  • Significant increase in the availability rate

The results are also quickly visible in practice, speeding up the day-to-day management of the factory and moving towards a LEAN mindset.

The app allows:

  • faster flows
  • making results and rewards transparent and visible to all
  • visualizing waste
  • idling of machines outside running hours-> standby, fault conditions and unnecessary auxiliary equipment or faulty machines can be shut down before they become energy wasters.

All the information you need at one glance. One platform.

Want to know more about our solution for your organization? Please drop us a line and we’ll be in touch!

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